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National Union of Sales Branch Workers and General, Similar and Related Services of the Republic Mexican.


Advanced Integrative Medicine

Accompany and advise people in their search and maintenance of comprehensive health, from a scientific and modern perspective but at the same time humanistic and close, that empathizes with the situation of each individual, their doubts, fears, wishes and expectations of a life full and healthy.


Creative Reality ® is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience and a network of serious and responsible providers in order to provide you with a high quality service.

We are a Mexican company dedicated to offering professional services for more than 6 years. We specialize in the sale of hardware, software, network installation, system development, WEB hosting, domain registration and administration, as well as various electronic and computer projects to meet the needs of our clients.

Carmen Cortés


I am an enterprising woman, a leader and with a spirit of service, who seeks day by day to demonstrate that women can also participate in public life within our municipality.

We are migrants contributing to the diverse needs of Latinos with the intention of obtaining a better social status.


More Than One Solution

Provides Paralegal Services

Consultancy in tax refund.