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Fundación Jurídica del Migrante

About us

We are a non-governmental association of public purpose and general interest, our work is based on solidarity and social action.

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It is promoted by people who are compromised with encouraging human dignity; freedom and human rights.

It takes part in eradication the injustices

and impulsing united projects on behalf of inhuman situations.

As a laboratory of ideas and action projects developer, national and international employment promotion and social transformation; it dedicates special attention helping and counselling people, companies and institutions.


1.- Team up with different organizations and associations with some specialty in the immigration issue so that together we consolidate ourselves as the solution to irregular or illegal migration.



We operate under sound principles



We act with transparency to avoid fraudulent situations.

Freedom and dignity

We are based in fundamental principles and social assistance, unrelated to politics and religion; that respect personal freedom of thinking and ideologies.

Productivity Networks

We support the creation of ideas, promote knowledge, moral and economic wellness; as well as the development of productive networks and exchanges, whether they are nationals or foreigners.

Economic livelihood

We do not receive fees; we work by donations.

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